Working with industry to deliver sustainable seafood

Seafood provides a crucial source of nutrition for hundreds of millions of people as well as generating livelihoods for fishers and fish farmers around the world. Demand is growing rapidly as the global population expands, placing an ever-greater demand on the aquatic environment that supports the production of fish and shellfish.

Unfortunately, some fishing and fish farming practices can do more harm than good; depleting valuable stocks, harming the marine environment, and damaging human rights. At Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, we want to fix the problems of overfishing, environmental destruction, and social issues often associated with fishing and aquaculture. We believe that the seafood industry wants this too, but is often prevented from taking action through a lack of objective information and the tools to make change happen.

That’s where we come in. SFP takes a constructive approach to environmental challenges, working together with the seafood industry to figure out how to produce the world’s fish and shellfish in ways that are better for both the environment and the livelihoods of the people who produce it. Employing our twin principles of information and improvement, we are helping to mobilize industry to become a powerful force for positive change while pioneering new methods of corporate engagement.


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Science is at the core of the SFP mission and our technical experts are dedicated to analyzing and interpreting data from around the world to provide the very best scientific information to the seafood industry. 


Seafood Sectors

SFP keeps an overview of the sustainability of many seafood sectors such as fish used for fishmeal and fish oil, tuna, and shrimp. The organization also coordinates supply chain roundtables to help mobilize industry to press for improvements in fishing and fish farming.


Industry Partnerships

SFP's work is built around partnership with industry and we have close relationships with leading retail and processing companies worldwide. Partnership with SFP allows companies to assess the sustainability of the seafood that they source and then take action to solve problems in the supply chain. 

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Professional Guidance

SFP offers practical guidance to the seafood industry on a whole range of subjects. This includes information and training around fishery improvement projects as well as advice on sustainable procurement, traceability, corporate reporting, and other topical issues.


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