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Target 75: Working with industry toward an ambitious goal

Our ambition has always been to see that 100% of seafood worldwide is produced sustainably – in other words, to give everyone 
in the world the chance to eat sustainable seafood. This may be an aspirational goal, perhaps only achieved after decades, but if we’re ever going to get there we need to lay out a route, complete with milestones and targets.

SFP is a marine conservation nonprofit dedicated to helping the seafood supply chain function in as environmentally-friendly a fashion as possible. We do this by approaching industry stakeholders, alerting them to sustainability problems within the supply chain, and making it easy for them to make positive changes; our Target 75 initiative is challenging the global seafood industry to work toward the goal of seeing 75 percent of the world’s seafood by volume produced in a manner that can be labeled sustainable or improving toward sustainability.

It’s an ambitious goal, but one we think the industry can achieve, and we’re not alone. The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), also a prompt to the world to pursue more sustainable business practices, includes several goals. Among them is Goal 14, which contains language that we feel mirrors T75. On our website, we provide documents and reports that go into detail on exactly what we think needs to be done, where, and how.

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Science is at the core of the SFP mission and our technical experts are dedicated to analyzing and interpreting data from around the world to provide the very best scientific information to the seafood industry. 


Seafood Sectors

SFP keeps an overview of the sustainability of many seafood sectors such as fish used for fishmeal and fish oil, tuna, and shrimp. The organization also coordinates supply chain roundtables to help mobilize industry to press for improvements in fishing and fish farming.


Industry Partnerships

SFP's work is built around partnership with industry and we have close relationships with leading retail and processing companies worldwide. Partnership with SFP allows companies to assess the sustainability of the seafood that they source and then take action to solve problems in the supply chain. 

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Resources and Services

SFP offers practical guidance and specialized services to the seafood industry and sustainable seafood movement. This includes information and training around FIPs and AIPs as well as advice on sustainable procurement, traceability, corporate reporting, and other topical issues.


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