Vice-Chair, Director

Dr. Cat Dorey is an environmental activist and science advocate who has been working on fisheries and seafood sustainability for 16 years, primarily with Greenpeace, and in the last few years as an independent advisor. Cat works with NGOs, industry, governments, and academics to provide up-to-date analysis of current and emerging science and policy development for fisheries management, sustainable and equitable seafood sourcing practices, and most recently fish welfare. 

While at Greenpeace, Cat was the science advisor (2003-2010) and then international coordinator (2010-2015) for Greenpeace's seafood markets projects, which made significant progress in driving retailers, seafood brands, and large seafood companies to make changes to their seafood sourcing practices. Between 2015-2017, Cat was the science and policy advisor for Greenpeace’s international "Not Just Tuna" project, which challenged regional fisheries management organizations (RFMOs) and international seafood companies to address problems of overfishing, bycatch of threatened species, and human rights abuse within the global tuna, shark, and billfish fisheries. She has also worked as a science writer and editor. 

Cat has a PhD in immunology from the University of Technology Sydney (UTS). She lives in the bushland suburbs of northern Sydney, Australia, where she can usually be found rock climbing or digging in a permaculture garden.