Susanna Fuller is a marine conservation advocate who has worked largely in Canada, as well as international fora, for the past two decades. She focuses on the science-policy-economic interface, with a view toward solving complex problems facing coastal communities and protecting ocean health. 

Susanna is currently Vice President for Conservation and Projects for Oceans North, a Canadian charity that focuses on marine conservation in the Arctic and Atlantic Canada. Prior to this, she led the marine conservation program at the Ecology Action Centre, where she established a strong connection to fishing communities, market-based initiatives, and government regulation and policy. Susanna is on the board of directors of Ecotrust Canada and the Deep Sea Conservation Coalition, is an active member of the High Seas Alliance, and was a founding member of SeaChoice, Canada's sustainable seafood program. Her seafood markets work has ranged from helping to start a community-supported fishery with local fishermen to involvement in MSC certifications and the Conservation Alliance for Seafood Solutions. 

Susanna has a PhD from Dalhousie University on marine sponge diversity in the northwest Atlantic. Her scientific research has also been complemented by extensive work on national and international fisheries and marine conservation policy. Susanna is based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. When not in front of her computer, Susanna is in her garden or outside with her family.