This year, we’ve seen a few new changes for SFP, including its first-ever annual report and a new website, which you may have noticed as you accessed this blog.

Along with those changes, we’ve also been hard at work on a new version of, our online database of fishery information that our partners and the public can use to view the status of many of the world’s fisheries in real time.

FishSource Version 3 definitely has a more modern look, but the update is far more than just a pretty face. We also redesigned the underlying database, which means:

  • More accurate identification of source fisheries, which leads to more robust risk evaluations
  • Greater flexibility to make FishSource work better with other systems, such as RAM Legacy Database and Monterey Bay Aquarium’s Seafood Watch.

We also invested a lot into making the site easier to use. We’ve added a “How FS works” section, made it easier to navigate, and improved the search function.

We’ve also listened to your concerns about how to monitor and fight problems such as human trafficking. For the first time we have publicly posted our Human Rights Abuse Risk levels for fisheries where data are available.

Some things, however, have not changed. As always, subscribers can use the site to find FishSource scores and trend charts, FIP stages and progress ratings, and MSC certification status. While the site is aimed at the industry to drive improvements, we still maintain scientific rigor by basing scores and analysis only on publicly available data, and we provide recommendations targeted to different audiences.

Most importantly, keeping FishSource current is an ongoing process. SFP will continually improve the site, adding new information and functionality. For example, right now we’re considering adding socio-economic information and scores, along with information on other certifications/ratings, such as Seafood Watch.

We want to make sure that FishSource remains relevant to you. Feedback is welcome! If you have anything to share with us about how FishSource is working for you, email us at