SFP is pleased to announce a new partnership with Alcampo, one of Spain’s largest hypermarket chains. Alcampo, which belongs to Auchan Retail group in Spain, is the first Spanish retailer to partner with SFP. With 56 hypermarkets, it is the second-largest hypermarket chain in the country.

"We are very excited to be partnering with Alcampo,” said Pedro Ferreiro, SFP’s Deputy Director of Buyer Engagement. “This partnership will help SFP to learn and improve our systems, and this will be a key step forward to support other retailers globally in the engagement of complex fresh seafood supply chains in improving fisheries sustainability.”

SFP and Alcampo are kicking off this new partnership with a pilot project to test SFP data management tools FishSource and Metrics in the fresh seafood supply chain.

“We feel quite comfortable and confident that this is a solid partnership that will improve Alcampo’s commitment to responsible and ethical sourcing at the highest level,” said Yolanda Fernández Jiménez, Alcampo’s CSR Manager.