A supply chain roundtable is a forum for processors, importers, and others that buy directly from a specific seafood sector to work together in a pre-competitive environment to achieve improvements in fisheries or aquaculture. Retailers and other stakeholders can also be participants but primary producers generally only contribute as implementers of specific improvement projects.

The roundtables work to support existing improvement projects and help those that are struggling to make progress, as well as identifying areas where new projects are needed.

In essence, a roundtable is a mechanism for the supply chain to promote improvements in fishing and fish farming for a particular seafood sector in a specific area. A roundtable provides a valuable role in coordinating and encouraging improvement activities and helps projects share skills and experience. The participants in a roundtable may only meet once a year in person, but there are regular meetings by teleconference along with technical briefings when required. SFP provides the administrative, technical, and logistical support for roundtables and supplies important data around fishery evaluations and improvement progress ratings.

Click here to read a message from our CEO, Jim Cannon, about how supply chain roundtables work.

Current aquaculture-focused SRs include:

Aquaculture SR

Asian Farmed Shrimp SR

Asia reduction fisheries SR

European Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable

Latin American Reduction Fisheries SR