Many commercially important fisheries are not yet managed well enough to meet international expectations regarding environmental and social impacts. Retailers, brands, processors, importers and exporters all have a direct commercial interest in the quality of fishery management and increasingly seek either certification to a credible standard or firm evidence of continuous improvement from source fisheries.

Sustainable Fisheries Partnership is working to meet the needs of the seafood industry through creating supply chain roundtables that bring together key commercial stakeholders in a pre-competitive environment. The participants in a roundtable may only meet once a year in person, but there are regular meetings by teleconference along with technical briefings when required. SFP provides the administrative, technical, and logistical support for roundtables and supplies important data around fishery evaluations and improvement progress ratings.

Participants in supply chain roundtables review the challenges facing fisheries in a particular commercial sector and geography and then press for Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs). FIPs work to improve a specific fishery through encouraging better policies and management, while voluntarily changing purchasing and fishing practices to reduce problems such as illegal fishing, by-catch, and habitat impacts. These projects are led by industry and other third parties, with SFP providing technical support and expertise at a variety of levels.

We recommend that anyone interested in FIPs visit our resource page for our toolkit, links to websites and other useful documents. It is also possible to view detailed information on FIP performance on FishSource and there are other resources available on this site under Professional Guidance.