Sustainable Fisheries Partnership maintains a sustainability overview of those seafood sectors that are most important to the seafood industry: crab, fish used for fishmeal and fish oil, salmon, shrimp, snapper and grouper, squid and octopus, tuna (and other large pelagics), and whitefish. Some priority sectors are regularly scrutinized through specific research reports that analyze current sustainability performance, while others receive less frequent attention (at least for now).

Within these sectors, SFP promotes the formation of supply chain roundtables to promote improvement efforts in fisheries or aquaculture areas where attention is required. A supply chain roundtable is essentially a forum for processors, importers, and others that buy directly from a specific seafood sector to work together in a pre-competitive environment to achieve improvements in fisheries or aquaculture.

The roundtables work to support existing fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs). These projects bring together the key stakeholders in a fishery or aquaculture area and develop a multi-stakeholder approach to incremental improvement. Find further information about FIPs here and AIPs in the Aquaculture section.

Click here to read a message from our CEO, Jim Cannon, about how supply chain roundtables work. 

SFP supports work in the following seafood sectors:


Fresh and Frozen Tuna

Large Pelagics


Reduction Fisheries


Shelf-stable tuna


Snapper and Grouper



SFP currently organizes the following supply chain roundtables (by sector):

Aquaculture SR

Russian Far East Crab SR

Southeast Asia Blue Swimming Crab SR

Gulf of Mexico Shrimp SR

Mexican Shrimp SR

Asian Reduction Fisheries SR

European Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable

Latin American Reduction Fisheries SR

Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR

Mexican Snapper and Grouper SR

Global Fresh and Frozen Tuna SR

Global Mahi SR

Global Octopus SR

Asian Farmed Shrimp SR

Global Squid SR 

NW Atlantic Cod SR

South American Whitefish SR

Russian Far East Whitefish SR

Inactive SRs

Americas Snapper and Grouper SR

Gulf of California Shrimp SR

Indonesia Tuna and Large Pelagics SR

Mexican Seafood SR