Crabs are a valuable part of the seafood industry and provide a range of products for consumers. While all crabs can be considered together biologically, in terms of production and markets, as well as improvement needs and approach, it makes more sense to split crabs into three categories: swimming crabs, coldwater crabs, and warmwater crabs. Thus, we have three Target 75 sectors for crab. 

Retailers are increasingly concerned about the need for greater sustainability in crab production, specifically in relation to swimming crabs and coldwater crabs. In order to meet this demand, SFP has created Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) to convene importers, exporters, and processors to press for improvements in crab fishing. There are currently two crab SRs: one that focuses on swimming crab, the Southeast Asian Blue Swimming Crab SR, and the other for coldwater crab, the Russian Far East Coldwater Crab SR.

Since SFP currently lacks leverage for improvements in warmwater crab among our markets partners, there is no roundtable for this T75 sector. However, improvements are still needed still in the warmwater crab sector, and thus SFP focuses on buyer engagement in new markets, predominantly in Asia.

Sub-sectors Covered:

Coldwater crab

Swimming crab

Warmwater crab

Supply Chain Roundtables:

Southeast Asian Blue Swimming Crab SR
Russian Far East Coldwater Crab SR