Current Supply Chain Roundtable Participants include:

Keyport LLC
Odyssey Seafood
Orca Bay Seafoods
Seattle Fish Company 

Current Objectives:

In general, the objectives of the RFE Crab Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) focus on monitoring sustainability status and issues relating to RFE crab stocks, and discussing actions required to engage local producers and the supply chain in the work on fisheries improvements, in order to ensure long-term availability of RFE crab on domestic and international markets.

The RFE Crab Supply Chain Roundtable (SR) recognizes the improvements to fisheries management made over recent years, in particular the progress via the RFE Crab Fishery Improvement Project.

However, there are a number of long-standing issues (e.g., fisheries data disclosure and access) that are the responsibility of governments and regulators, where industry can essentially only support and encourage change.

Consequently, the roundtable confines its activities to tracking and monitoring the fisheries and FIP, as well as providing advice to the market as required. Until the above issues have been adequately addressed, the following procurement policies are recommended: 

  1. Source and verify product from the existing FIP.
  2. Adopt procedures (e.g., control document) to avoid IUU product.
  3. Advise existing and potential suppliers regarding the requirement for data transparency/disclosure in supporting publicly recognized FIPs. 

Progress Update

A summary of the SR's past progress updates can be found here

Project Contact:

If you would like more information about the Supply Chain Roundtable or wish to support it, please contact SFP.