Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has been involved in the creation of many successful FIPs since 2006. However, even though we may be active at the beginning, it doesn’t mean that we will play a direct role throughout the entire life of a project. SFP will always try to pass FIP leadership to the industry participants in the project as soon as practically feasible because we believe that this creates the best chance of success in the future and allows us the opportunity to start new FIPs elsewhere.

The FIP Archive is dedicated to all those FIPs that SFP once directly supported but have now moved on to being led by industry or another third party. The profiles have been updated to the point when SFP stopped direct involvement but you can find more recent information from the FIP participants themselves. The best resource for finding up to date information about active FIPs is:

These are the FIP profiles available in the archive:

Arafura, Aru and Timor Seas Snapper and Grouper
Argentine Hake
Argentine Hoki
Argentine Uruguayan Hake
Bali Sardinella
Baltic Sprat
Barents Sea Cod and Haddock
Brazilian Lobster
Chilean Anchovy and Sardine
Chilean Common Hake
Chilean Hoki
Chilean Jack Mackerel
Chilean Southern Hake
Eastern Baltic Cod
Gulf of California Central Sonora Artisanal Shrimp
Gulf of California Industrial Shrimp 
Gulf of California Sinaloa Artisanal Shrimp
Gulf of California Swimming Crab
Gulf of Mexico - Florida Pink Shrimp
Gulf of Mexico - Louisiana Shrimp
Gulf of Mexico - Texas Shrimp
Indonesia Blue Swimming Crab
Indonesia Tuna
Japanese Pollock
Lower Mekong Ben Tre Trawl
Lower Mekong Kien Giang Trawl
Magdalena Bay Artisanal Shrimp 
North Atlantic Blue Whiting
North Sea Cod
North Sea Sandeel
North Sea Sprat
Panama Mahi Mahi
Panamanian Small Pelagics
Panama Yellowfin Tuna
Peruvian Anchovy
Peruvian-Chilean Anchovy
Peruvian Hake
Philippine Blue Swimming Crab
Russian Far East Crab
Russian Pacific Cod and Halibut
Russian Pollock
Sri Lanka Tuna
Thai Tonggol
US Atlantic Menhaden
US Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish

Aquaculture Improvement Project (AIP) Profiles: 

Ca Mau Shrimp
Chinese Tilapia AIP (Hainan)
East Java Shrimp
Thailand Surat Thani Shrimp
Vietnamese Pangasius