Last Update: November 2017 

Over the past decade, Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has been deeply involved in several fishery improvement projects in Mexico, some of which involve fisheries that intend to pursue Marine Stewardship Council (MSC) certification. These fisheries, and a few others that have already been certified, have implemented voluntary measures to meet certification standards (e.g., improved landings data collection, compliance monitoring). This work has revealed a need for general policy improvement at the national level to ensure these improvements are permanent and also implemented in non-certified fisheries. Consequently, technical experts are working to identify a set of common policy recommendations that need to be addressed to improve management and fisheries data collection in all Mexican fisheries. While promoting improvements in policy will be most effectively undertaken on the ground in Mexico, support from the U.S. supply chain will be an important component in gaining the participation of the Mexican seafood industry as well as providing support for the common policy recommendations.

As such, SFP has formed a Mexican Seafood Supply Chain Roundtable (SR). The primary role of the SR participants will be to request that their vendors in Mexico join a multi-stakeholder group forming locally, which will press the government to implement the common policy recommendations. Additional support for the common policy recommendations may be needed to demonstrate to the government the supply chain's desire for the changes, and this will be undertaken by Mexican companies. 

Supply Chain Roundtable Participants:

Alfa Gamma Group

Beacon Fisheries

Beaver Street Fisheries

Chefs Trading

Eastern Fish Company

The Fishin' Co.

Fortune Fish & Gourmet

Great Fish Company/ASC Seafood

Netuno USA

Ocean Garden

Quirch Foods Co.

Santa Monica Seafood

Sea Delight

Current Objectives:

  1. Support the process of developing a set of common policy recommendations that would drastically improve the sustainability of many Mexican fisheries.
  2. Ensure diverse and robust participation of the seafood supply chain in the Fisheries Collective Impact Initiative in Mexico, which intends to promote fisheries policy change when the next Mexican fisheries administration is established in mid-2018. 

Action Recommendations for SR Participants:

  1. Review and approve the common policy recommendations for improvement in Mexican fishing policy (when available).
  2. Ask your vendors in Mexico to join the Fisheries Collective Impact Initiative and advocate for the common policy recommendations. 

Progress Update: 


  • The SR was launched via webinar on 30 October 2017. An initial list of participants was finalized following this webinar, enabling SR work to begin, but further participation of US-based importers and buyers is welcomed and encouraged. Download the meeting report here

If you would like more information about the Supplier Roundtable or wish to support it, please contact SFP.