Sustainable Fisheries Partnership (SFP) has worked with the Mexican Pacific shrimp fishery and supply chain since our inception in 2006, first through individual fishery improvement projects, then through the Gulf of California Shrimp Supply Chain Roundtable (SR), and finally through the Mexican Seafood SR. In early 2021, SFP learned of extensive laundering of illegal gillnet-caught shrimp from the upper Gulf of California, done in order to circumvent US embargos and maintain access to the US market. Subsequently, in April 2021, SFP dissolved the Mexican Seafood SR in order to enable the formation of a new Mexican Shrimp SR, with stringent requirements for membership. To date, no US importers of Mexican Shrimp have joined the SR and committed to meet these requirements.

Current Roundtable Participants

Amende & Schultz

Buena Vista Seafood

Deep Sea Shrimp Importing, Co.

Del Pacifico Seafoods

Eastern Fish Company

Ocean Garden Products