The reduction fisheries sector focuses on the sustainability status of major reduction fisheries around the world used for fishmeal and fish oil production. 

Producers, processors and retailers are increasingly concerned about the need for greater sustainability in aquaculture feed production and are requiring certification or evidence of continuous improvement from fishmeal and fish oil producers. In order to meet this need, SFP has created supply chain roundtables to convene companies that wish to support improvements in the fisheries that produce fishmeal and fish oil. There are three supplier roundtables that belong to the reduction fisheries sector; the European Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable, the Latin American Reduction Fisheries SR and the Asian Reduction Fisheries SR. You can find links to these roundtables as well as annual sustainability reports on these pages. 

SFP helps to coordinate these roundtables and also publishes an annual overview of the sustainability of reduction fisheries as well as briefings on emerging sustainability issues in the sector.

SFP has developed a visual display of T75 progress using a Tableau software dashboard for each of the key seafood sectors. Please check the latest estimates here.

Please find an overview of production considered in our T75 strategy for the sector here.