Last Update: August 2016


Species: About 60–100+ species of fish and shellfish

FIP Scope/Scale: This FIP covers all the waters of Vietnam’s Kien Giang Province (both provincial waters and adjacent national waters).

Fishery Location: see Trawl areas 3 and 4 identified on map below


Contact FIP: If you would like more information about the FIP or wish to support the FIP, please contact SFP.

FIP Participants:


FIP Stakeholders:

Kien Giang Fisheries Association

Ha Tien Fishmeal Company

Grobest Vietnam

Guyomarch (InVivo NSA Vietnam) 

Shenglong Bio-tech International Co., Ltd.

Kien Giang Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD)

Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS) 

Sustainability Information: An evaluation of the trawl fishery in Kien Giang against the IFFO RS standard was completed in July 2014. Additional information on trawl fisheries in Vietnam, including some specific to Kien Giang Province can be found here.

Date Publicly Announced:  July 2013 

FIP Stage: 3, workplan is available

Current Improvement Recommendations: SFP Asia Reduction Fisheries Supply Chain Roundtable

The Roundtable has sought to improve its knowledge of the issues associated with the production from these fisheries. The actions taken by the supply chain to date, and which we recommend should continue, include: 

  • Seek information on the species used, such as stock status
  • Seek information on initiatives being undertaken by government and others aimed at better understanding and managing fisheries that produce material for fishmeal 
  • Maintain a watching brief on international developments in issues such as certification and labeling. 

In addition, we encourage individual companies to continue efforts, such as: 

  • Supply information about the species they source for fishmeal and where the supply fisheries operate 
  • Assist SFP in improving its understanding of the production and use of fishmeal
  • Ask their suppliers to provide information about which species are used in the feed fed to farmed shrimp (and other species).


Kien Giang Province is in southwest Vietnam and borders Cambodia on the northern Gulf of Thailand. Its shallow, tropical waters support a wide diversity of fish and shellfish and a thriving fishing industry that supplies both local needs and products for export.  The map in the Fishery Location section, above, shows Trawl Ground 4, which is adjacent to Kien Giang Province and the western side of Ca Mau Province.

Trawling is a significant producer of seafood in Vietnam in general, and southern Vietnam in particular. In 2007, just over 2,000 trawlers operated in Kien Giang Province, which ranged in size from <20 horsepower (hp) up to >400 hp with about three quarters being less than 90 hp.  There are two main types of trawl fishing – demersal trawling, whereby the net is towed along the seabed, and pelagic trawling, whereby the net is towed through the water column. Demersal trawls are used to catch shellfish, such as octopus and shrimp, and bottom-dwelling fish, while pelagic trawls are used to catch mid-water fish species. 

Throughout Vietnam there are over 2,000 species of fish and shellfish and the full list of species caught in Kien Giang is unknown. The primary families of fish caught include lizardfishes, croakers, goatfishes, threadfins, bigeye snappers, porgies, snappers, groupers, sardines, mackerels, and scads. Shellfish are dominated by shrimps, squids, cuttlefishes, and octopuses. 

The catches comprise species of a variety of sizes, some of which are suited for direct human consumption, others are processed into a variety of products such as fish sauces and surimi, and the rest is used to produce fishmeal to feed the burgeoning aquaculture industry. There are concerns in this region, as are warranted throughout Asia,  about the level of exploitation, the take of excessive quantities of juvenile fish, and the impacts of demersal trawls on the seabed. 

Kien Giang Province was selected as a suitable FIP site for the following reasons: 

1.  International market support and interest in improving the performance of the trawl fisheries.

2.  The operation of a major research project (called REBYCII – Regional Bycatch project, stage 2) in the province that will generate up-to-date scientific information about the impacts of the trawl fisheries and potential management solutions.

3.  The issue trash fish (fish unsuited for human consumption and used for aquafeed) is significant.

4.  Handling practices on boats and post-harvest losses are significant issues that need to be improved.

5.  Data collection, fisheries enforcement, fisheries infrastructures are inadequate


Progress Update:  



In June, the inaugural meeting of stakeholders was held in Rach Gia, capital of Kien Giang.



In July, a preliminary evaluation of the fishery against the existing Responsible Sourcing standard of the International Fishmeal and Fish Oil Organization (IFFO) was finally completed. 

CP Vietnam verbally agreed to lead the FIP in Kien Giang and requested their fishmeal suppliers to become involved in the FIP. 

In December, the Kien Giang authority Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development formally agreed to develop and implement the FIP in the province. 



In February, the workplan for the Kien Giang FIP was developed, circulated, and agreed by all relevant stakeholders. 

Studies on social issues and bycatch management were conducted by ICAFIS (VINAFIS) and FAO to provide more scientific evidence to support the FIP in its later stages. 

In June, CP Vietnam conducted training on logbook completion for Phuc Ngoc and Minh Chau fishmeal producers. 

In the last quarter of 2015, a FIP workplan for 2016 and a budget estimation were submitted to CP Vietnam for its consideration. CP had shown interest in leading the FIP during 2015; however, they have made no firm commitment.



January – March 

In February, AOKI, a surimi processing company based in Vietnam (result of a joint venture between KIHUSEA (Vietnam) and Alliance Oceane  (France)), expressed interest in leading the Kien Giang FIP. The SFP Coordinator has worked with AOKI, through meetings and other communications, to further advance the possibility of a collaborative plan. 

As a result of SFP’s communications and other information sharing efforts, Grobest Vietnam, Greenfeed, Invivo, Ha Tien Fishmeal, Guyomarch (InVivo NSA Vietnam), and some other aquafeed companies based in Vietnam are paying more attention to the current FIP. 

In March, the Center for Transferring of Technology Services and Community Development for Vietnamese Agriculture – Fisheries (FACOD) under Vietnam Fisheries Society (VINAFIS), which is currently the local implementing partner of the Ben Tre Trawl FIP, has expressed interest in coordinating the FIP in Kien Giang, as well. 

April – June 

In April, AOKI, Grobest Vietnam, Guyomarch (InVivo NSA Vietnam), Vinh Hoang, and Skretting participated in a meeting held in Ho Chi Minh City on 8 April 2016, organized by the Vietnamese consulting firm Kim Delta, to set up an aquafeed roundtable in Vietnam. All of the companies at the meeting have expressed an interest in become participants of the Kien Giang Trawl FIP. 

In April, the Kien Giang Provincial Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) organized a meeting with potential FIP participants and expressed its interest in leading the Kien Giang FIP. 

The Kien Giang trawl fisheries management plan has been drafted with the support of the FAO REBYC-II CTI project and submitted for approval by the local government. 

A socio-economic assessment of the trawl fishery in Kien Giang was conducted under the framework of the GEF grant project (REBYC-II CTI); the final report is available on request. 

In May, DARD, Huy Nam seafood, AOKI/KIHUSEA, and SFP collaborated to hold a meeting for FIP stakeholders on 20 May 2016 in Rach Gia City in Kien Giang Province. 

In June, the US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) and the IFFO RS project convened a workshop in Kien Giang, to gather local feedback about their program objectives for relevant fisheries and to determine the most useful fishery assessment and monitoring tools for tracking fishery performance against new standards.   

July – August 

In July, KIHUSEA submitted a project concept note describing main project objectives, possible participants, and summary of the workplan to formally request official approval from the local DARD. 

In August, a representative of the Kien Giang DARD attended the South and Southeast Asia FIP workshop held in Bali (Indonesia) on FIPs approach training.

The local PPC agreed to develop and implement the FIP and assigned DARD to cooperate with relevant stakeholders to implement the improvements needed.

Some initial participants have left the FIP, including LP Foods, Huy Nam seafood, and EWOS.

 It was decided, following the first stakeholder meeting held in May, that once DARD and the local PPC endorse the project concept note, a new stakeholder meeting will be held to confirm participants and agree on the FIP workplan.  The tentative date for this meeting is October 2016.

Kien Giang Trawl FIP Detailed Public Information


Fishery Problem:

Summary of fishery status       

Some useful information can be found here 


FIP Progress Update:

Results/ FIP Stage

Indicator of Success


Specific Details

Date Achieved

List of Suppliers/ Organizations



FIP is launched (Stage 1)

Sustainability evaluation publicly available


 IFFO evaluation

 March 2014



Best practices guidance publicly available






Fisheries Improvement recommendations publicly available


 Updated quarterly

Updated quarterly



FIP is formed (Stage 2)



Suppliers are organized

Trawl fisheries in the provincial and waters  adjacent to Kien Giang  Province

Meeting including fishermen, fishers association and fishing port representatives, a fishmeal producer, a feed producer, a , a seafood exporter, an importer, and  government agencies

July 2013

Kien Hung Fishmeal Company,

LP foods, Huy Nam seafood processor, KICOIMEX, CP Vietnam


Minutes of first meeting available on request

FIP is encouraging  improvements

(Stage 3)

Workplan is made public

Trawl fisheries in the provincial and waters  adjacent to Ben Tre Province

Workplan shared,

Pilot data collection/traceability was planned to begin in May 2015 by two local companies and local governmental agency

March 2015


Sheng Long Bio-tech International; Guyomarch, Grobest Vietnam, DARD, Kien Giang Fisheries Association



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