The fishmeal and fish oil sector has made significant improvements in sustainability over the last 10 years. However, several fisheries around the world still face serious challenges. The SFP European Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable focuses on monitoring the sustainability status of stocks used for fishmeal and fish oil production in globally significant reduction fisheries.

The SR works to support the continuous improvement in management of fisheries that supply fishmeal and fish oil to SR participants. 

The T75 sector report for reduction fisheries details the state of the sector. Currently, 8 million tonnes, or 43 percent of the global production in reduction fisheries is considered sustainable or improving. The vast majority of this volume is under the Atlantic/Pacific reduction fishery sub-sector, which, if considered by itself, would have met the T75 goal already.

Fisheries and/or FIPs Covered:
At present, the roundtable focuses on a number of reduction fisheries found worldwide, mainly on fisheries in the Atlantic/Pacific reduction fisheries sub-group. This sub-group is comprised of fisheries where there is evidence that the main use is for reduction purposes and that the respective stocks/fisheries are or have recently been sourced by a major fish feed company supplying the American, Australian, and European markets. It consists mainly of small pelagic species such as anchoveta, sandeel, or sardine, but also includes species from a couple of other biological groups, for example: blue whiting, a cod-like species (Gadidae family), and Antarctic krill, a crustacean. The vast majority of production that is of interest to this SR is already sustainable or improving; their role is to shift volume from the improving to the sustainable category, and to ensure no production is removed from these categories. This SR may have some leverage to catalyze a FIP in the Chilean jack mackerel fishery.

The following FIPs are supported and monitored by this specific SR:

Mauritanian Small Pelagic - Purse Seine

Morocco sardine - pelagic trawl and seine

Participants in the European Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable are principally companies based in the European Union and Norway that use fishmeal or fish oil in their businesses and are committed to continuous improvement in fishery management. The roundtable is open to new participants and invites applications from suitable candidates. The roundtable sometimes invites other organizations with relevant expertise, for instance certification programs, to update participants on recent developments in reduction fisheries. 

Current participants are: 


The EU Sustainable Fishmeal Roundtable has sought to improve its current knowledge of the issues associated with the relevant fisheries and the actions taken by the supply chain to date. SFP has made specific recommendations for improvements for each of the fisheries and the roundtable is currently considering which actions should be prioritized and implemented.  

Current Activities

  • Produce an annual overview of the sustainability of global reduction fisheries used for fishmeal and oil.
  • Share briefings on emerging sustainability issues that may impact on supply, certification, corporate reputation, and other areas that are important to the seafood industry.
  • Discuss matters of common interest, such as identifying fisheries where improvements are required and supporting the successful implementation of FIPs and other improvement activities.
  • Encourage downstream supply chain (e.g., fishmeal companies and catchers) to launch FIPs where required.

Progress Update

The SR progress update can be found here.