Annual world shrimp production is approximately 6 million metric tons and 60 percent of this production enters world markets.  Both wild and farmed shrimp production can generate environmental impacts and face significant challenges. Wild shrimp fishing can have substantial ecological effects through by-catch on non-target species while shrimp farming can involve significant changes in land use and polluting discharges to water bodies. The sustainability of marine ingredients in farmed shrimp feed is also an area of concern as well as the vulnerability of shrimp farms to disease. 

Retailers are increasingly concerned about the need for greater sustainability in shrimp production and are requiring certification or evidence of continuous improvement from producers. In order to meet this need, SFP has created supply chain roundtables to convene importers, exporters and processors and press for improvements in shrimp fishing and aquaculture. There are currently three supply chain roundtables; one for farmed shrimp in Asia and two others for wild shrimp fisheries in the Gulf of California and the Gulf of Mexico.

The Asian farmed shrimp roundtable currently focuses on catalyzing aquaculture improvement projects while the wild shrimp roundtables are mainly focused on fishery improvement projects that address by-catch and the wider ecological effects of fishing.

SFP provides the following:

  • An annual overview of the sustainability of select shrimp fisheries and aquaculture zones throughout world;

  • Briefings on emerging sustainability issues in the sector that may impact on supply, certification, corporate reputation, and other areas important to the seafood industry;

  • An opportunity to discuss matters of common interest such as creating demand for new fishery improvement projects (FIPs) or aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs) where needed, exploring models for financing FIPs and AIPs, and developing procurement specifications promoting sustainability. 

Sub-sectors Covered

Wild, warm-water shrimp
Wild, cold-water shrimp
Farmed shrimp

Supply Chain Roundtables:

Gulf of California Shrimp SR
Gulf of Mexico Shrimp SR
Asian Farmed Shrimp SR