The snapper grouper sector is currently focused on monitoring the sustainability status of wild fisheries that target snapper and grouper around the world and pushing for improvements where they are needed.  Landings of snapper and grouper have increased steadily since the 1950s and snapper and grouper are very important to fishing communities around the world.  But many snapper and grouper stocks are not being properly tracked, especially in some developing countries, making a full assessment of global snapper and grouper stocks difficult, if not impossible.

Retailers and wholesalers are increasingly concerned about the need for greater sustainability in snapper and grouper fisheries and are requiring certification or evidence of continuous improvement from producers. The US market is a major consumer of these products, and thus can be a significant catalyst for fishery improvement efforts.

In order to organize and prioritize improvement efforts, SFP has initiated two supply chain roundtables (SRs): the Americas Snapper and Grouper SR (covering North, Central, and South America) and the Indonesia Snapper and Grouper SR. The primary goals of these SRs are to monitor progress in ongoing FIPs, catalyze new FIPs, and undertake improvement actions where the unified supply chain can have a greater impact than individual FIPs.

Supply Chain Roundtables:

Americas Snapper and Grouper SR
Indonesia Snapper and Grouper SR