Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR Update: July – September 2020

This briefing provides an update on progress, activities, and news in the areas of interest to the SR. It also indicates any actions and further support needed. 

NOTE: Due to the impacts of COVID-19, activities associated with the Indonesian Snapper and Grouper Supply Chain Roundtable and other industry partners have been affected. SFP is in the process of assessing impacts to this sector, both in the field and in the markets, and will shift activities accordingly in order to support domestic and international supply chain members.

Read the latest Indonesian Snapper and Grouper SR update. 

A full summary of past progress, including details from past quarterly updates, can be found in the SR Chronicles.

1. Improvement efforts in Target 75 priority fisheries 

Please find an overview of fisheries identified in the T75 sector report for snapper and grouper, including those currently not necessarily prioritized by the SR, here

National-level Indonesian Snapper and Grouper Improvements 


One national-level FIP was launched in August 2019 (led by The Nature Conservancy), and one additional national-level FIP was launched by the Indonesian Demersal Association (ADI)  .

Indonesia snapper and grouper – bottom longline, dropline, handline, trap, and gillnet (ADI)

  • The Indonesian Demersal Association FIP was launched in September 2020 on Fishery Progress and can be viewed here.
  • The FIP is a comprehensive FIP, and the scoping document and workplan can be viewed in the FIP profile.

SFP continues to provide technical support to the Indonesian Demersal Association (ADI) to implement its national-level snapper and grouper FIP.

As discussed, this industry-led FIP merged the three site-level basic FIPs (Makassar Strait, North Java Sea, and Aru/Arafura Sea) and aims to complement  the national FIP led by The Nature Conservancy. 

For clarity on how the two national-level FIPs will coordinate efforts using different approaches, read the Joint Statement developed by SFP and The Nature Conservancy here

Further support needed: Support the continued development of  national-level fishery improvement priorities that support both national FIPs. SR participants should continue to encourage their suppliers to join ADI and provide input to ADI on prioritizing activities in its national FIP workplan. The SR should explore and consider funding opportunities to support specific activities in the national FIP workplan. SR participants also need to communicate to FIP participants the importance of publicly reporting FIP progress on Fishery Progress, to ensure accurate FIP ratings and transparency. 

2. Support to established FIPs and improvement efforts 

Please find an overview of all existing FIPs and improvement efforts, their current progress ratings, and status here.

Site-level Indonesian Snapper and Grouper FIPs 

Note: With the development of the industry-led national snapper and grouper FIP, the three site-level FIPs (Makassar Strait, North Java Sea, and Aru/Arafura Sea)  merged with the national FIP led by ADI and continue to address their key goals under the umbrella of the national FIP.

Comprehensive Indonesian Snapper and Grouper FIPs

Indonesia deepwater groundfish - dropline, longline, trap and gillnet

  • The FIP was established in August 2019.
  • In Q3 2020, the FIP received an A rating, indicating that the FIP has made advanced progress.
  • The full fishery profile is posted on Fishery Progress here.

Further support needed: The SR should ask FIP participants to continue supporting the FIP objectives on reducing the amount of juvenile snapper and grouper in the supply chain and continued development of harvest strategies for the future. Encourage FIP participants to continue to make progress toward FIP goals in order to maintain an A-C rating. Please contact Peter Mous at The Nature Conservancy for more information on the FIP. 

3. Support for mitigation of overarching fishery/FIP sustainability issues 

National policy issues

Members of the SR (8), US retail companies (2), and a US food distributor (1) sent a letter to the new Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo, to express support for the broad policy issues outlined in the Indonesia policy brief, including: 1) better understanding of the fleet characterization/operation, 2) enhanced compliance with regulations through non-regulatory means, 3) fishery science to support management in the blue swimming crab and snapper and grouper fisheries, and 4) social and economic science to aid in policy development and management.

Further support needed: The SR should review policy issues and incorporate emerging issues into an updated policy brief in 2021.

Juvenile snapper issue


Discussions with SR participants on developing in-person and/or webinar learning sessions targeting foodservice and retail partners using the two fact sheets developed by SFP and TNC have been delayed as a result of COVID-19 impacts. However, SR participants continue to share the fact sheets, and additional engagement with the SR is planned for Q3 and Q4 2020 (see below):

Snapper Grouper Overview – This fact sheet outlines some basic biology of snapper and grouper species and the use of scientific names and common names in the market, and describes how this can impact the fisheries management and marketing of these species. 

Recommendations for Sustainable Sourcing and Avoiding Juvenile Fish, and Sourcing Specifications Table – This fact sheet provides some recommendations/tips for what to look for when sourcing fish in different product forms, in order to avoid sourcing juvenile fish. The tables focus on Indonesian snapper and grouper species only and provide the size/weight of various fish products to look for to ensure you are sourcing adult fish. The top six exported species for both snapper and grouper are included in the tables.

Further support needed: SR participants assist with connecting retail and foodservice partners to engage on this issue through virtual learning sessions in 2021, once foodservice partners begin to recover from the impacts of COVID-19. For the long term, support national-level policy to address the issue of domestic demand for juvenile snapper in Indonesia. 

Indonesian Demersal Association (ADI) 

Update: SFP facilitated and hosted a virtual joint meeting in September between the SR and ADI members to exchange information and ideas on implementation of the newly launched national FIP. Chairman Novi Saputora provided remarks to the SR on the development of the national FIP and expected implementation of FIP activities. Discussions were held between participants about expectations for support of ADI FIP activities and the interests of the SR in specific FIP activities.

Further support needed: SR participants continue to encourage their suppliers to join the Indonesian Demersal Association and the FIP, provide input on priority activities to support implementation of the national FIP, and explore and consider funding opportunities to support specific activities in the national FIP workplan. Additionally, the SR should consider establishing a Chair for the SR who would help lead the work of the SR as well as serve as the liaison with ADI on their FIP

4. Expansion of the SR 

SFP is in the process of identifying additional SR participants, particularly suppliers to foodservice companies in North American, European, and Indonesian or other Asian markets. 

Further support needed: Promote the SR to fellow industry members, invite participation, and share your supply chain knowledge with SFP. Please contact Amber Von Harten.