Last Update: October 2016

Spanish and French squid importers and buyers formalized the South American SquidSupply Chain Roundtable (SR) in October 2016. The companies recognized that addressing many of the sustainability challenges found in the region’s squid fisheries will require a collaborative, precompetitive approach from industry stakeholders. The buyers and importers held a series of meetings in 2016 before the SR was finally formalized during the 2016 Conxemar trade show by signing the SR “Statement of Intent.”   Initial efforts have been focused on the Peruvian jumbo flying squid fishery, as this is an important fishery to many of the initial SR members. In this fishery, SR participants, with the support of SFP, were able to engage and communicate to the Peruvian domestic industry and national fishing authorities regarding the importance of sustainability to the global market. 

While initial SR efforts are focused on promoting a fishery improvement project in the Peruvian jumbo flying squid fishery, some companies have participated in SR meetings despite having no association with that particular fishery. These companies hope to take lessons learned from this experience and apply them to other squid fisheries in the region once the SR has developed a first assessment of these fisheries and the SR’s efforts expand. 

Supply Chain Roundtable Participants:

Fisheries and/or FIPs Covered:

At present, the roundtable focuses on a number of squid fisheries found in the South American region. An overview of related FishSource profiles can be found here.

No FIPs are publically launched yet. 

 Improvement Needs:

  • Develop fishery assessments on Illex argentinus and Loligo gahi fisheries 
  • Update fishery assessments on the Dosidcus gigas fisheries
  • Strengthen enforcement of existing national squid fishery regulations and EEZ waters control in order to minimize impacts at stock level of the fishing activity happening in international waters 

Action Recommendations for Suppliers:

  • Reach out to other supply chain companies to encourage their participation and engagement on the SR
  • Publically support the setting of a FIP on the Peruvian jumbo flying squid fishery and work with Peruvian national industry to encourage the formation of the FIP 
  • Promote and sponsor the update and development of squid fisheries assessments  

Current Objectives: 

The South American Squid Supply Chain Roundtable has two main objectives:

  1. Support the efforts carried out by the Sociedad Nacional de Industrias (SNI) for the setting of a FIP on the Peruvian jumbo flying squid fishery.
  2. Develop and update squid fisheries assessments as a first step to identify areas in need of improvement on South American squid fisheries. 

In particular, objectives for the period October 2016 until the end of 2017 are as follows:

  • Establish a fully operational SR with formal participants, expand the industry engagement of the SR, and schedule future SR meetings.
  • Ensure the Peruvian jumbo flying squid fishery publically announces the initiation of the FIP.
  • Fully develop FishSource profiles for Argentine shortfin (Illex argentinus) and Patagonian squid (Loligo gahi) fisheries and evaluate improvement needs for those fisheries.