The tuna sector focuses on the two main forms of tuna product in the marketplace – fresh/frozen and canned. Producers, processors and retailers are increasingly concerned about the need for greater sustainability in tuna fisheries and are requiring certification or evidence of continuous improvement. In order to meet this need, SFP has created a supply chain roundtable (SR) to convene companies that wish to support improvements in the fisheries that produce fresh/frozen Yellowfin and Bigeye tuna. This roundtable also includes the Eastern Pacific Large Pelagics SR and the Indonesia Tuna and Large Pelagics SR. Additionally, SFP is assessing corporate interest in a supply chain roundtable for canned tuna.

SFP has also created procurement specifications for both fresh/frozen and canned tuna and encourages companies to adopt these policies as a demonstration of commitment to responsible sourcing. In addition to these specifications, SFP also prepares briefings on emerging ssustainability issues in the sector that may impact on supply, certification, corporate reputation, and other areas important to the seafood industry.

Supply Chain Roundtables:

Eastern Pacific Ocean Large Pelagics SR
Global Fresh and Frozen Tuna SR

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