The whitefish sector has made vast improvements in sustainability over the last ten years. However, many fisheries around the world still face challenges. SFP provides the following: 

  • An annual overview of the sustainability of whitefish fisheries throughout the world;
  • Briefings on emerging sustainability issues in the sector that may impact on supply, certification, corporate reputation, and other areas important to the seafood industry;
  • An opportunity to discuss matters of common interest such as creating demand for new FIPs where needed, exploring models for financing FIPs, and developing procurement specifications promoting sustainability.

Please find an overview of production considered in our T75 strategy for the sector here.

SFP has developed a visual display of T75 progress using a Tableau software dashboard for each of the key seafood sectors. Please check the latest estimates here.

Supply Chain Roundtables:

NW Atlantic Cod SR
Russian Far East Whitefish SR
South American Whitefish SR