The South American Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable seeks to bring together whitefish buyers, major suppliers, producers, and other parties to discuss South American whitefish fisheries of interest to the participants and in need of improvement. 

In fishery improvement projects (FIPs) where responsibility for progressing and implementing improvements rest with a third party (i.e., a specific company or group of individuals) the roundtable provides support and encourages the fishery to make improvements. This support can take varying forms, from advising the fishery of existing or anticipated procurement conditions or (e.g., where additional influence is beneficial or essential) can extend to the supply chain engaging regulators or fishery managers to press for legislative change. 

Much of the whitefish sector has made vast improvements in sustainability over the last decade and nearly 60 percent of global supply in wild caught whitefish is categorized as sustainable or improving.

The South America Whitefish SR focuses on monitoring sustainability status and performance of whitefish fisheries in the region. Some of this production is already sustainable or improving; their role is to shift volume from the improving to the sustainable category, get additional fisheries into FIPs and to ensure no production is removed from these categories.


FIPs and/or Fisheries Covered: 

The South American Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable focuses on a number of fisheries including Argentinian hake, hoki, and southern blue whiting; Peruvian hake; Chilean common and southern hake and hoki, and South America Patagonian toothfish. 

The SR is currently looking for industry support for monitoring the performance of the following FIPs: 

Chile common hake - bottom trawl

Peruvian hake - industrial bottom trawl

For more details on the sustainability status of the fisheries, please click here. 

Supply Chain Roundtable Participants:

While the main suppliers and buyers of South American whitefish products are identified, there are no invitations and/or participants confirmed yet. Companies interested in becoming participants should email SFP. 


The South American Whitefish Supply Chain Roundtable seeks to bring together whitefish buyers, major suppliers, producers, and other parties to:

  • Review status of relevant whitefish stocks in the South American waters and identify improvement needs.
  • Identify improvement work underway and in need of additional support.
  • Discuss future partnership and cooperation opportunities to improve key fisheries.
  • Motivate industry to initiate FIPs where improvements are still needed.
  • Report progress of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) underway publicly according to FIP reporting template.
  • Anticipate emerging issues, such as benthic habitat impacts and other protection needs.
  • Oversee all the fishery improvement projects in scope of the Supply Chain Roundtable.
  • Unify efforts on fishery improvement project activities that can be supported by suppliers throughout the region. 
  • Promote the design and implementation of fishery improvement projects where still needed.

Improvement Recommendations:

  • Formalize your participation in the roundtable and support the above objectives. 

Progress Update: The SR's progress updates can be followed here. 

Project Contact:

If you would like more information about the Supply Chain Roundtable or wish to support it, please contact SFP.