SFP regards connections to industry as vital to our ongoing mission of building a more sustainable global seafood industry. We partner with major retailers and foodservice companies in North America, the UK, Europe, Latin America, Asia, and Australia to help them advance the sustainability of their seafood sourcing.

Our work with partners differs from similar programs at other NGOs, because SFP’s partners are not looking to increase their sustainable sourcing by just deciding to exclusively buy certified and green-rated products, or those from existing fishery or aquaculture improvement projects (FIPs and AIPs). Rather, our partners actively drive change by using their leverage to mobilize improvements within their existing supply chains. They do this by requiring their suppliers to engage all the way down their supply chains to fishers and fish farmers, to support the development and implementation of FIPs and AIPs. SFP partners also require suppliers to actively participate in Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) and other pre-competitive collective action efforts to amplify change across sectors, countries, and regions, and to be leaders in improving fisheries globally.

We invite all industry leaders who share our concerns about long-term seafood sustainability to consider partnering with us. Becoming a part of the SFP partner community means that you commit to the continuous improvement of the fisheries and fish farms that are used to source your products. This commitment includes: 

  1. Making your sustainable seafood program more transparent by clarifying what categories of seafood it currently covers. Commitments should cover the main categories where your company has influence and can engage suppliers, including fresh, deli, frozen (own and national brands), and canned (own and national brands) seafood, and ideally should eventually cover nutraceuticals, pet food, and other categories.
  2. Using SFP’s Seafood Metrics (or equivalent internal system) system to collect key data elements (KDEs) of the seafood sourcing covered by your commitment, to monitor environmental impacts and track the progress of improvements.
  3. Publicly requiring your suppliers in fisheries that need improvement to be engaged and active stakeholders in both Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs) and fishery and aquaculture improvement projects (FIPs and AIPs).
  4. Protecting ocean wildlife by doing a systematic audit of your source fisheries to identify impacts on endangered species from bycatch, and then implementing mitigation measures to eliminate interactions with endangered species.
  5. Publicly reporting the seafood covered in your commitment via the Ocean Disclosure Project

As a partner, you will have access to SFP resources to support this commitment, enabling you to assess risks to your supply chain and track the progress of your company and your suppliers as you work toward more sustainable and stable supplies of seafood. We’ll also be proud to publicly count you among our collaborators and will invite you to our annual exclusive, partner-only forums, which feature presentations from and opportunities to network with industry thought leaders. 

If you are interested in partnering with SFP, please contact us at info@sustainablefish.org. We look forward to hearing from you.  

Our partners include: 

Aldi UK & Ireland, US and Australia

Nestle Purina


Publix Supermarkets

Auchan Retail Spain


Beaver Street Fisheries

Sam's Club


Seattle Fish

Cooperative Food UK

Sysco France


Super Indo

Fortune International


Giant Eagle

US Foods

Grupo Profand

Walmart US

High Liner Foods

Walmart Canada


Walmart Central America


Walmart Chile


Walmart Mexico


Walt Disney World

Nueva Pescanova