SFP Events provide a venue for like-minded seafood industry professionals to share challenges, celebrate successes, and to learn more about fisheries and aquaculture issues in a pre-competitive environment alongside government and other NGOs.

Our events are opportunities to network with other seafood industry colleagues to learn about improvement efforts, in both wild capture and farmed seafood supply chains. Each event is unique and specially geared to participants' interests. We often showcase improvement projects in a trade show format, which allows participants the chance to make direct connections with people and projects that are most relevant to their work. 

SFP Events for 2018:

Latin America Forum

Mexico City

February 14-15, 2018

Boston Mini Forum

March 10, 2018

European Forum

Elche, Spain (Near Alicante)

May 23-24, 2018


Events SFP staff will attend:

NFI meeting (January 23-25, 2018, Miami)
European Seafood Expo (April 24-26, 2018, Brussels)
AECOC (June 5-7, 2018, Vigo)
SeaWeb Seafood Summit  (June 18-20, 2018, Barcelona) 


Past Events:

Indonesia Forum 2017

European Forum 2017

SFP Americas Fisheries and Aquaculture Trade Show & Forum, Costa Rica (April 2017)

Sustainability Sessions

European Forum 2016

Americas Forum 2016

SFP Special Event: Conference on Seafood Industry and Social Development (2015)