Engaging the Seafood Industry in Social Development
Annapolis, MD September 21-22, 2015


All presenters are listed. Those without links did not have a presentation to post.

Day 1 Session 1

Challenges and Opportunities in Social Development

Christopher Béné, (CIAT-CGIAR)
Carrie Thompson (USAID)
Rachel Davis, Shift
Bill DiMento, Highliner

Andrew Hudson, UNDP
Gawain Kripke, Oxfam US
Jim Cannon, SFP

Day 1 Session 2

Part A: Multilateral Institutions

Randall Brummet, World Bank
Leah Karrer, GEF
Nicole Franz, UN FAO

Part B: The Business Experience

Joe Hamby, Trimarine
Jack Scott, Nestle Purina Petcare
Mike Kraft, Bumblebee
Rene Benguerel, BlueYou
Helen Packer, Fishing & Living Program

Part C: Civil Society

Tom Grasso, EDF
Rene Scharer, International Collective in Support of Fishworkers
Abdul Halim, Seafish for Justice
Helen Packer, for MDPI
Arlene Nietes Satapornvanit, Network of Aquaculture Centres in Asia-Pacific
Pongsagorn ("Art") Satjipanon, Oxfam GB Asia Regional Centre (available upon request)

Day 2, Session 3

Part A: Certification

Jeff Peterson, GAA
Valeska Weymann, GlobalGap
Iain Pollard, ASC
Yemi Oloruntuyi, MSC
Corey Peet, Postelsia
Ashley Apel, Fair Trade USA
Libby Woodhatch, Seafish

Part B: Fishery and aquaculture improvement projects

Mark Prein, GIZ
Urs Baumgartner, BlueYou
Anton Immink, SFP
Michael Akester, GEF/UNDP Humboldt Current Large Marine Ecosystem Programme
Huw Thomas, Morrisons
Dessy Anggraenni, SFP
Simon Bush, Wageningen University