Asda is one of the largest supermarket businesses in the United Kingdom and a subsidiary of Walmart. The company has played an important role in pushing forward the sustainable seafood debate in the UK and regularly reviews its sources of fish and shellfish for improvement opportunities. Asda has been a partner of SFP since 2011 and regularly supports SFP events.

“Just as Walmart’s leadership in the United States makes the company a valuable partner there, Asda also leads the way for sustainability in the UK,” said Emma McLaren, Director of Innovative Solutions for SFP’s Buyer Engagement division. “From the beginning, Asda has understood the value of sustainable sourcing and how it can realize those sustainability goals by partnering with SFP.”

Asda was the first company to participate in the Ocean Disclosure Project and publish a list of all of the wild fisheries used by the business to source seafood. This commitment to total transparency has given Asda one of the most credible positions in the market place in terms of sustainable sourcing and gives consumers, activists, and investors a complete overview of how the business conducts a sustainable seafood sourcing policy.

Asda has also been active in supporting work around ecosystem- based fisheries management where fishing activity is regulated according to the needs of the entire marine ecosystem. This is particularly relevant in “small pelagics” fisheries like anchovy, sardine, and herring where the species can be a critical source of food for many other marine creatures.

“We have been a partner of SFP for many years and the relationship is central to how we meet our commitments to sustainable seafood,” said Chris Brown, Senior Director of Sustainable Business at Asda. “The information and analysis that SFP provides the business helps inform our purchasing and involvement in improvement projects while providing a route map of the journey ahead.” 

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