Joining SFP in 2010, High Liner Foods has long considered working toward improved sustainability with SFP a priority.

“Since the very beginning of our sustainability journey, High Liner Foods has recognized the importance of engaging in fishery improvement projects,” said Katy Hladki, Sustainability Manager at High Liner. “True sustainability is not just about sourcing from the top 10 percent of fisheries but about working with the entire industry to drive real change on the water and to protect our oceans for the future.”

High Liner was one of the first companies to engage in one of the first FIPs, white fish in the Barents Sea, which became a noteworthy success story in the sustainable seafood movement. Once plagued with IUU, overfishing, and bycatch issues, today those fisheries have rebounded dramatically and are now MSC-certified.

Even though 99 percent of the seafood High Liner buys now meets its sustainability commitment, the company remains a leader in pushing for improvements. Determined to meet 100 percent, the company has also recently championed FIPs for species within that last 1 percent, like Chinese squid. High Liner is also working to bring together a pre-competitive industry roundtable to look at improvement in the global aquaculture industry by engaging the support of national governments in producing countries.

“It’s great to work with a company that is so forward thinking and consistently leading the discussion around ensuring the long-term sustainability of seafood resources,” said Kathryn Novak, Director of Buyer Engagement at SFP.

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