Even before he founded SFP, Jim Cannon, SFP's CEO, had a relationship with McDonald's focused on improving the company's sourcing for its Filet-O-Fish sandwich. For years, SFP has worked with McDonald's to update its fish scorecard. "Of the fisheries certified in the last decade, 61 percent by volume of landings (1.15 million tons) are a result of fishery improvement projects (FIPs) initiated by SFP in which McDonald's suppliers played a critical role in stimulating improvement efforts, enabling them to meet MSC requirements," said Cannon. 

In January 2013, McDonald's announced it would display the MSC eco-label on all fish products; in November 2015, McDonald's Spain announced it would be the first restaurant chain to include MSC-certified Pacific skipjack tuna on its menu. 

"McDonald's commitment to source sustainably by improving sources, rather than just switching to 'good' sources, has transformed the whitefish sector, reversing decades of overfishing, rebuilding fish stocks and quotas, and paying handsome dividends to all whitefish buyers worldwide," Cannon said. 

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