Nestlé Purina’s partnership with SFP proves that sustainable seafood production doesn’t just apply to what people eat. The company’s pet food division has worked closely with SFP since 2013 to ensure the seafood that goes into its products is sustainable.

“SFP is helping us to track an often murky supply chain and then to assess the health of identified fisheries,” said Jack Scott, Nestlé Purina’s Director of Sustainability. “They have the expertise to guide us and their many other partners along this path and to make recommendations for continuous improvement going forward.”

Nestlé Purina has worked with SFP on aquaculture in particular, piloting a project in 2015 to assess fish farms.

That work led to new efforts by SFP this year to introduce 11 draft aquaculture profiles onto FishSource, marking the first time FishSource has offered aquaculture profiles in its system. The company also continues to monitor its supply of whole fish and fish byproduct, a total of 153 separate wild fisheries.

“Having Nestlé Purina as a partner shows that sustainability can extend to the whole seafood industry,” said Sam Grimley, SFP’s Director of Buyer Engagement Strategic Initiatives. “Working with companies that use seafood for something other than human consumption is just as important as working with companies that produce fillets and frozen products for people to eat. Nestlé Purina gets that, which makes them a valuable partner for SFP.” 

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