Sobeys has been an SFP partner since 2010. The company actively works with its supply chains to continually increase the amount of responsibly sourced seafood it brings to shelf, using SFP’s Metrics system to monitor the sustainability of its wild and aquaculture seafood sources. Since 2016, Sobeys has taken on a comprehensive, detailed and very successful project to re-engage with the vendor community on the collection of Metrics sourcing data. Sam Grimley, Director of Strategic Initiatives, Buyer Engagement notes, “Sobeys is one of SFP’s longest standing retail partners, and has been a leader in engaging and educating seafood supply chains on sustainability issues. The company’s efforts, such as monthly species webinars and one-on-one vendor sustainability meetings, have helped drive responsible sourcing, as well as support for fishery and aquaculture improvements from a broad supplier base.” 

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