Super Indo, a grocery chain in Indonesia, has been a partner of SFP's since 2015. They have been actively promoting responsible sourcing to their aquaculture suppliers. Super Indo is working with all its farmed-fish suppliers to implement good aquaculture practices and to help them earn Indonesia-GAP certification to ensure food safety, environmental sustainability, and traceability. By the end of 2016, about 30 percent of Super Indo's farmed-fish products were sourced from responsible suppliers. Also, Super Indo and its suppliers are actively working to develop FIPs in snapper/grouper fisheries. Rahmat Dani, SFP's Buyer Engagement Manager notes, “Super Indo has a strong commitment to responsible and sustainable fisheries. As one of the biggest retailing networks in Indonesia, this commitment serves as a good role model to encourage other retailers in Indonesia to implement responsible aquaculture and sustainable fisheries programs for their suppliers."

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