A partner with SFP since 2012, the Co-operative Group is a consumer co-operative with a number of retail businesses. Since partnering with SFP, Co-op placed 100% of its seafood products into the SFP Metrics database to track their sustainability status. The company supports various fishery improvement projects across different species such as tuna, sardine, and crab and they were one of the first companies to sign up to the SFP Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP) in 2015 and continue their participation in 2016 by publicly reporting all source fisheries for a second time. Here's their latest ODP report

Ian Rolmanis, SFP Buyer Engagement Manager, UK & Europe notes, “The Co-op has over 2,800 stores across the UK, one in every postcode, and 60% of UK customers will shop at at a Co-op store this year. These impressive stats highlight the importance of the Co-op in serving UK communities and SFP is very happy to support the Co-operative to ensure these communities have the choice of sustainable seafood." Learn more here