Walmart has been a partner with SFP since 2006 and they were one of the first retailers to establish a sustainable seafood sourcing policy. Walmart partnered with SFP when FIPs were still a new idea, and there were less than half a dozen established FIPs worldwide. In 2010, Walmart and Sam's Club updated their policies to encourage their suppliers to get involved with FIPs as well. 

“We made a commitment to work with our suppliers to improve fisheries, with the ultimate goal of increasing the amount of sustainable seafood available globally,” said Bob Fields, Senior Merchandise Director, Meat and Seafood, Walmart US. 

In 2016, Walmart reported in their Global Responsibility Report that in the US, 100 percent of their fresh and frozen, farmed and wild seafood is sourced in accordance with their sustainability policy. In the spirit of continuous improvement, Walmart expanded its sustainability policy in 2017 to also cover canned tuna. “They are one of the first major US retailers to signal support for improvement projects for canned tuna fisheries, “ said Kathryn Novak, SFP's Buyer Engagement Division Director. "Once again, Walmart is taking the approach that working with their suppliers to improve all fishing methods and management challenges facing these iconic fisheries is the way to ensure the long-term sustainability of this pantry staple. 

You can learn more about their policies here

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