Sustainable Fisheries Partnership offers practical guidance to the seafood industry on a whole range of subjects. At the forefront is our latest initiative, Target 75 which aims to ensure 75% of world production in key sectors is – at a minimum – either sustainable or in a formal FIP or AIP making regular, verifiable improvements. Supporting information includes information and training around fishery improvement projects such as the ‘Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs’ and other FIP resources, the Introduction to AIPs and AIP toolkit. SFP also offers recommendations for procurement policies for responsible sourcing as well as guidance on traceability and the use of ‘Control Documents’. SFP has also produced ad hoc briefing notes on topical issues of significance to the seafood industry.

SFP also operates a series of programs that address significant issues in the seafood industry that may not receive sufficient attention. These include programs around the impact of climate change on the oceans – Global Ocean Health – as well as a program that examines and promotes corporate transparency in sustainable procurement – the Ocean Disclosure Project. SFP also works with the financial sector to support investors and lenders that want to encourage responsible sourcing in the seafood industry as part of their commitment to ethical conduct and also as a way of reducing risk in their portfolios. Learn more about Responsible Investment and Sustainable Seafood. Recent work includes the Global Marine Commodities Project, a collaborative effort in which SFP works to combine information resources and improvement activities to mobilize market forces to achieve more sustainable fisheries.