SFP takes an active role in advising the seafood industry on fishery improvement projects (FIPs). This page provides some general guidance on how to initiate and run FIPs as well as templates and examples of documentation that are part of our FIP toolkit. Please contact us if there's any additional information you need.

Try downloading our new guide, Getting Started With FIPs for step-by-step advice.


Fishery Progress Website

SFP FIP Archive


Seafood industry guide to FIPs

Seafood industry guide to FIPs (Spanish version)

FIP Toolkit:

Criteria for a FIP

How to Initiate a FIP

How to Implement a FIP

How to Evaluate FIP Progress

Whitepaper Template

FIP Outlook Tool

Pre-FIP Plan

FIP Public Workplan

Detailed Workplan

Budget Template Example

FIP Agreement - Multiple Participants Example

FIP Public Report template