External Contributor Program

FishSource strives to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of fishery status information and has gained global recognition as a trusted resource. However, there are challenges in achieving and maintaining this goal. SFP’s internal team of scientists and researchers is relatively small. This team maintains a large number of updated reports on FishSource for fisheries that are of most importance to our donors, corporate partners, and staff. The remainder is a long list of fisheries that are left with out-of-date or limited information.

Stakeholders sometimes find that a fishery of importance to them is not up to date or missing from FishSource. For example, suppliers to SFP’s corporate partners, which all have public seafood sustainability commitments, may need a fishery evaluation in order to continue selling the product. SFP’s External Contributor Program provides a solution for third parties to use the FishSource platform, methodology, and process to generate public evaluations of fisheries that would otherwise not be conducted.

For more detail on how the program works, please see the Program Overview.

For information on how to become an approved external contributor, please see the Contributor Guidance and FAQs