FishSource is an online information resource about the status of fish stocks and fisheries. SFP created FishSource in 2007 to provide major seafood buyers with up-to-date, impartial, and actionable information on the sustainability of fisheries and the improvements they need to make to become sustainable.

FishSource does not make sustainability judgments itself – it compiles and summarizes in one place information needed to evaluate sustainability. Our goal is to help provide information on as many fisheries as possible to help guide as many companies as possible with their sourcing decisions and improvement goals. By assembling the essential data and making it freely available, FishSource lowers the key barrier to entry for companies to engage in sustainable and responsible sourcing. Companies thus save time and resources by accessing FishSource for sustainability information and fisheries status.

FishSource addresses the status of fisheries and of fish stocks through the lenses of the most accredited sustainability standards worldwide:

How well is the fishery managed? Do stock assessments use up-to-date methods? What is the scientific advice provided and how separate is it from the decision-making process of fisheries management? What are the management measures in place? Do they follow scientific advice? What is the compliance level of fishers and do they comply with quota/limits set? Is illegal fishing occurring?                                                            

What is the status of the stock? Are any reference points in place and, if so, are they precautionary? How are the current stock and harvest levels set against the reference points? What are the trends of biomass, fishing mortality, catch, recruitment, and other important variables? If the stock is in bad condition, are any recovery measures in place? 

Which facts relating to the environment and biodiversity are most relevant to the fishery? Are there any protected, endangered, or threatened (PET) species impacted by the fishery? Can such impact be measured? What is the level of bycatch? What is the impact of fishing activities and fishing gears upon the environment? Have any marine reserves or protected/no-take areas been defined? How do they relate to the biodiversity of relevant coastal areas, continental shelves, and slopes?

Please visit the Frequently Asked Questions page of FishSource for more information.