While SFP does not have its own sustainability standards, since 2006 we have developed and maintained a growing variety of methods to summarize publicly available information on fisheries into metrics that are easy to perceive and are actionable for our audiences. Our methodology suite is not intended to replace more in-depth standards or evaluations, but in spite of simplicity and flexibility it can typically produce summary overviews of key aspects of fisheries in a very short time frame, compatible with natural or human-induced changes taking place in the water. These include the FishSource ecological scores for management quality and target stock status, the ecological method for assessing fishery impacts upon environment, risk rating systems for wild-caught and aquaculture products, salmon-dedicated assessment methodology, warm-water wild shrimp dedicated methodology (in progress), and a socio-economic method (in preparation for release in 2016). Our team also has secured annual evaluations against the McDonald’s sustainability standard since 2004 and has developed, over time, integrated systems for assessing sustainability of sources for SFP partners such as Walmart in the US and Findus, Sainsbury’s, and Tesco in Europe. To find out more about our methodology, check the FishSource FAQ section or contact us.