Sustainable Fisheries Partnership’s (SFP) fisheries scientists, policy analysts, and supply chain experts provide retailers and suppliers around the world with innovative, business-minded tools and services to help them drive change in their businesses and their seafood supply chains. SFP’s staff reaches markets in North America, South America, Europe, Asia, and Australia, providing businesses with valuable global perspective and insight. 

We have a proven track record as a pioneer in working with the seafood supply chain, and our list of industry partners includes McDonald’s, Walmart, High Liner Foods, US Foods, Publix, Beaver Street Fisheries, ASDA, Tesco, and more. These companies have all benefited from a range of expertise and services from SFP that continues today. These services allow companies to advance their own corporate sustainability goals and also to work together with SFP and each other to improve the overall sustainability of global seafood and the health of the world’s marine biodiversity. We also collaborate closely with the wider sustainable seafood and conservation community to enhance and strengthen the impact of our efforts.

SFP’s Industry Services Program offers opportunities for businesses to use existing platforms such as the Metrics system, get up-to-date fisheries sustainability information through the Fish Source Rapid Assessment Program, participate in programs like the Ocean Disclosure Project, and access practical tools and resources for developing fishery and aquaculture improvement projects. We can also provide more tailor-made efforts customized to your business. 

Some of the ways that SFP can help your business include:

Sustainable Seafood Policies and Commitments

We can help you build your seafood commitment if you’re just getting started or work with you to improve your current policy to be an industry leader.

Inventory Risk Assessment and Analysis

Use SFP’s scientific data and supply chain insights to identify sources of seafood that are most at-risk and understand your available options.

Corporate Responsibility Reporting

We have web-based tools and off-line capabilities to support businesses’ reporting needs, ranging from individual customers to broad stakeholder groups.

Engagement Opportunity Advice

There are many ways your business can get involved in seafood sustainability, and SFP can help you find the right options for your business.

Staff Training

Our staff members have broad expertise in seafood supply chains, fisheries, and aquaculture that can help your business meet your customers’ needs.