Dublin, Ireland
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FIP Showcase 

The Role of Supply Chain Roundtables (SRs)
Speakers: Julio Simarro, CongalsaHuw Thomas (Morrisons)

Challenges and opportunities with the Landing Obligation 
Speaker: Mike Mitchell, Young’s Seafood

Approaching Labour and Social Issues in Seafood Trading – Industry Participation
Speakers: Dave Parker, Young’s Seafood; Andy Hickman, Tesco; Dominique Gautier, Sea Fresh Group; Henk Peters, Oxfam

The next step for Zonal Aquaculture: A Case Study
Speakers: Peter Marshall, RS Standards and Donal Maguire, BIM

Talking Tuna: Improvements, Policies and Cooperation
Speakers: Andy Hickman, Tesco; Jim Cannon, SFP; Dr. Nicolas Goñi, Senior Researcher, AZTI Marine Research Division

Transparency: corporate reporting and sustainable seafood
Speaker: Stuart Smith, The Co-operative; Justyn Jones, Environmental Journalist; Blake Lee-Harwood, SFP

The Value of Fishery and Aquaculture Improvement Projects
Speakers: Frank Flemming, Frank the Fisherman Consulting; Keith Decker, Highliner (Video); & Justin Baugh, FishinCoJulio Morón, OPAGAC

A Reflection on the Seafood Movement from the last 10 years and beyond with Jim Cannon, CEO of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership