FishSource, a program of Sustainable Fisheries Partnership, strives to be the most comprehensive and up-to-date database of fishery and aquaculture environmental sustainability status information. FishSource has gained global recognition as an independent and unbiased resource providing organizations with actionable information on the environmental performance of seafood production sources. To further this cause and to meet seafood industry and stakeholder demand, SFP’s FishSource Rapid Assessment Program provides private, public, and nonprofit organizations a path to finance wild fishery and aquaculture profiles on FishSource.

The FishSource Rapid Assessment Program can work for new profiles that are not yet on FishSource, as well as existing profiles that need to be updated or have content added. The program guarantees that the analysis and evaluation is:

  • Performed by qualified and vetted fishery/aquaculture scientists
  • Internally reviewed by SFP’s FishSource Science Team
  • Absent of any conflict of interest or influence by the source of financing
  • A publicly available and credible analysis, open to reviews and comments by a global community.

The program works for fisheries and aquaculture units that aren’t yet included in the current list of profiles by starting with a process to verify the existence of the harvesting source based on information provided by companies or stakeholders. After the fishery or aquaculture unit is verified, an analysis is conducted based on the public FishSource assessment methodology.

Complete FishSource profiles include two scores for stock status, three scores for management status, and three scores for environmental and biodiversity impact status, along with supporting narratives, strengths and weaknesses, and improvement recommendations. All of this information helps seafood companies assess and minimize risk in their sourcing.

FishSource profiles can be financed by one entity or by a group that would like to share costs. The entity or group can identify which elements of the respective FishSource profile(s) they want completed, for both new profiles and profiles that need updated information and/or additional profile content. SFP recommends that profiles be completed in full to more comprehensively understand status and risks.

For inquiries, please contact to request FishSource Rapid Assessments and for more information on pricing and turnaround times.