Sustainable Fisheries Partnership offers a range of practical tools and guidance to support the seafood industry in developing fishery improvement projects (FIPs) and aquaculture improvement projects (AIPs). These tools are key to achieving the goals of our Target 75 Initiative, which aims to ensure that 75 percent of world production in key sectors is – at a minimum – either sustainable or making regular, verifiable improvements in a formal FIP or AIP. 

These toolkits provide general guidance on how to initiate and run FIPs and AIPs, as well as templates and examples of documentation. Please contact us at if there is any additional information you need.

FIP Toolkit and Resources

Fishery Improvement Projects (FIPs) are multi-stakeholder bodies that seek to advance the sustainability of wild-capture fishing operations. SFP offers an extensive range of practical tools, industry guidance, and publications to help businesses and other stakeholders initiate and run FIPs. Our Getting Started With FIPs guide offers step-by-step advice for those who are new to FIPs.


Fishery Progress Website

SFP FIP Archive


Seafood industry guide to FIPs

Seafood industry guide to FIPs (Spanish version)

FIP Toolkit:

Criteria for a FIP

How to Initiate a FIP

How to Implement a FIP

How to Evaluate FIP Progress

Whitepaper Template

FIP Outlook Tool

Pre-FIP Plan

FIP Public Workplan

Detailed Workplan

Budget Template Example

FIP Agreement - Multiple Participants Example

FIP Public Report template

Industry Guide to Communicating about FIPs

Control Document Guidance

AIP Toolkit and Resources

Aquaculture Improvement Projects (AIPs) are multi-stakeholder efforts to address environmental challenges in aquaculture production, using the power of the private sector to incentivize positive changes, and encouraging policy change to ensure that this progress endures. SFP offers the following resources to help businesses and other stakeholders initiate, implement, and report on AIPs. The tools are based on SFP’s Framework for Sustainably Managed Aquaculture

Introduction to AIPs

AIP Toolkit

AIP Directory