SFP developed our Seafood Metrics system to enable seafood buyers to measure their progress on sustainable sourcing. Our Metrics tool gives buyers the information they need to: 

  • Make informed choices based on up-to-date information about sustainability when making procurement decisions on which fisheries to source from
  • Develop strategies for improving deficient fisheries that are important to their supply chains
  • Measure overall progress toward their goal of a more sustainable seafood supply chain
  • Report that progress to customers and external audiences.

The Metrics system displays fisheries that companies source from, consolidates sustainability information on those fisheries, and summarizes the findings in concise dashboards. It is fully customizable based on the needs of each organization. The basic system comprises four components:  

  1. SFP Sustainability Metrics Software: This software allows an organization to send queries to FishSource to determine sustainability information for a specific fishery.
  2. Supplier Data Entry Interface: This secure online interface records the volumes supplied from each fishery to individual buyers. Each buyer may choose a different data entry interface for each of their suppliers, depending on how frequently they wish to update information and whether they wish to record information by zone and/or department.
  3. Buyer Database of Fishery Supply Volumes and Sustainability Information: This database gathers the supplier data entry volumes for specific fisheries, together with the sustainability information downloaded from FishSource for each fishery. It is accessible in real time through the Metrics system.
  4. Buyer Scorecards: The scorecard displays the ratings and talking points for each fishery of interest to the buyer, in an easy-to-understand format. SFP can customize the scorecard page and the information seen based on an individual organization’s needs. 

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