Sustainability Intelligence for the Seafood Industry

SFP’s Seafood Metrics system provides businesses with the resolution and details necessary to understand the sustainability of their seafood and make informed decisions. By aggregating and tracking a company’s seafood purchase orders and managing change over time, the Seafood Metrics system provides analysis and insight into how a company can increase the sustainability of its seafood and identify the most important priorities for getting involved in making improvements in seafood production.

Some of the key ways that Seafood Metrics can help your business include:

  • Manage Seafood at the Production Source – The Seafood Metrics system matches your purchase orders to specific fisheries and farming operations, reducing the need to track a long list of key data elements (KDEs).
  • Simple, Secure, and Flexible Data Collection – Data can be uploaded or entered online by you or your suppliers. You can include purchasing volume, choose reporting periods, and add data categories.
  • Track Favorites – Choose from thousands of seafood sources that include MSC-certified fisheries, fishery improvement projects (FIPs), and small-scale fisheries.
  • Assess and Customize Sustainability Risk – The Seafood Metrics system provides an easy-to-use interface to calculate your overall sustainability risk and other key performance indicators (KPIs), through built-in dashboards, downloadable reports, and fishery scorecards based on analysis provided by FishSource.
  • Operationalize Policies and Commitments – The Seafood Metrics system allows you to streamline your seafood data to help inform progress over time, identifies opportunities to improve your fisheries, and fosters productive conversations with your supply chain.

How it works

The Seafood Metrics System is built on data from FishSource and includes 4,000 seafood source options and 600+ species to report against, with approximately 20 indicators of seafood sustainability. The system has been in use for more than a decade by some of the leading retailers and most respected companies across North America and Europe, and more than 500 suppliers are already using the system to report to their customers.

Getting started is simple and straightforward:

  1. Create a Profile – Only a few questions need to be answered to set up a Seafood Metrics system designed specifically for your business. 
  2. Learn the Basics – With available user guides, online videos, or trainings with SFP staff, you can be ready to use your Seafood Metrics system in less than an hour.
  3. Collect Data – As soon as your account is online, you can collect data, and if your system includes suppliers reporting directly, we can help you get them onboarded.
  4. Track, Manage, Report, Improve – If you need help, we can provide some best-practice suggestions and recommendations on how to use your data to inform your business decisions.

There are two versions of the Seafood Metrics system, both available to any business in the seafood supply chain:

  • Metrics v3: The standard version of Metrics is designed for a single company/division analysis and reporting for sustainability of seafood.
  • Metrics Enterprise v3: The enhanced version of Metrics enables multiple single companies/divisions to report up to a higher-level system for comparison analysis and overall reporting.

The details

  • Pricing starts at $750/month (12-month minimum).
  • Combined with Ocean Disclosure Project (ODP): 50% discount off annual ODP fee.
  • Included with Corporate Sponsor Packages, beginning at $25K.

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