• Asda Wild Fisheries Annual Review 2013

    Published: 07/04/14

    SFP worked with Asda to produce a comprehensive report on the company's wild seafood sourcing in 2013, identifying all of the source fisheries along with sustainability and category information.


    Document defining abbreviations for gear types used in the report

  • Small Pelagics: SFP Fisheries Sustainability Overview 2014

    Published: 06/17/14

    By:  Veiga, P., P. Sousa, B. Lee-Harwood, and P. Amorim

    The fifth edition of the SFP global sustainability overview of a subset of Pacific and Atlantic small pelagic fish stocks used for fishmeal, fish oil, and human consumption; the document covers the most recent assessment period for which comparable data is available as of March 2014.


  • SFP Best Practices Report: Minimizing and managing the impact of fisheries on marine food webs

    Published: 06/03/14

    By: Nakamura, K., M. Westmeyer, B. Spear, and L. Borges

  • Climate Change: Implications for Fisheries and Aquaculture

    Published: 05/28/14

    By: SFP and University of Cambridge

    This briefing distills the key findings from the recently released Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Fifth Assessment Report and reveals the growing threat of climate change and acidification to marine resources.


  • Climate Change and Fisheries (Infographic)

    Published: 05/28/14

    An infographic on the effects of climate change and ocean acidification on the seafood industry


  • The Seafood Industry Guide to FIPs

    Published: 04/30/14

    An introduction to setting up and running a fishery improvement project


  • SFP Sustainability Overview of Wild Fisheries that Supply Shrimp

    Published: 12/18/13

    By: Portley, N., M. Westmeyer, J.M. Caudillo, Z. Huang, L. Borges, and P. Sousa

    First SFP sustainability overview of fisheries that target and supply shrimp


    Data Annex

  • Bycatch Best Practices 2013

    Published: 12/02/13

    By: Westmeyer, M.

    Presents four case studies to illustrate implementation of bycatch reduction techniques


  • Salmon Sustainability Overview 2013

    Published: 06/17/13

    By: Portley, N., C. Hendrich, and K. Balliet

    First SFP sustainability overview of Pacific salmon fisheries; describes assessment results produced through the application of an adapted, species-specific version of the FishSource sustainability criteria.


    Data Annex

  • SFP Global Sustainability Overview of Pacific Ocean Fisheries that Supply Mahi Mahi

    Published: 06/04/13

    First SFP Pacific Ocean sustainability overview of fisheries that supply mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus, also called mahi, dolphinfish, or dorado)