• Global Sustainability Overview of South American and Atlantic Fish Stocks Used for Fishmeal and Fish Oil 2013

    Published: 05/23/13

    By: Veiga, P., and B. Lee-Harwood

  • A Zone Management Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture

    Published: 02/26/13

    By: Aquaculture Asia Pacific Magazine

    Article about SFP's zonal approach to aquaculture, published with permission from Aquaculture Asia Pacific Magazine


    For more information please visit aquaasiapac.com.

  • Global Sustainability of Whitefish Fisheries 2013

    Published: 02/15/13

  • Global Sustainability Overview of Fisheries Used for Fishmeal and Fish Oil 2012

    Published: 06/18/12

    Third SFP global sustainability overview of fisheries used for fishmeal and fish oil (previously known as the “Reduction Fisheries League Table”), including the 28 principal reduction fisheries around South America and across the Atlantic.


  • Benthic Protection Areas: Best Practices and Recommendations

    Published: 04/20/12

    By: Spear, B., and J. Cannon

    This report reviews some of the leading marine habitat protection efforts to date worldwide and identifies lessons learned and best practices to provide a variety of stakeholders with practical guidance for leading and engaging in the process of exploring and establishing benthic protection areas. 


  • SFP Discussion Paper – Salmon Aquaculture

    Published: 11/02/11

    This report challenges the salmon aquaculture sector to be more proactive in publicly disclosing information about environmental impacts and to create a model for industry-wide best practice.


  • Sustainable Aquaculture Feed – GOAL Briefing

    Published: 10/31/11

    Briefing discussing importance of sustainable aquaculture feed


  • Understanding SFP's Fishery Evaluation System

    Published: 10/25/11

  • EU Common Fisheries Policy 2012 Reform – some observations by SFP

    Published: 09/11/11

    This document contains SFP's observations on The European Commission's 2012 proposal for a reformed Common Fisheries Policy (CFP).


  • A Review of the Regulation of Salmon Farming in Scotland

    Published: 05/23/11

    By: Scott, D.

    A study funded by the Sustainable Fisheries Partnership and undertaken by Stirling Aquaculture.