• Fishery Improvement Project Process – Stage and Indicators (Diagram)

    Published: 01/26/11

  • Recovering Bluefin Tuna – Position Statement

    Published: 03/25/10

    A position statement on Mediterranean bluefin tuna


  • FAQ – CITES and Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

    Published: 03/25/10

    Analysis of what a CITES Appendix I or Appendix II listing would mean to the global seafood industry


  • SFP Recommends Backup Plan for Mediterranean Tuna

    Published: 03/25/10

    SFP position statement on Mediterranean bluefin tuna after failure of CITES 1 listing


  • Eliminating IUU on Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna – Position Statement

    Published: 03/25/10

  • FishSource, Reduction Fisheries and Aquaculture – Briefing

    Published: 03/01/10

    This briefing describes the current scoring for the main reduction fisheries worldwide 


  • Generic Metrics System

    Published: 01/01/10

    By: SFP

    A 2010 report about generic metrics systems.

  • Sustainable Aquaculture Feeds and Wild Fisheries – Briefing

    Published: 10/28/09

    A briefing on aquaculture iand the sustainability of feeds from wild fisheries


  • Atlantic Bluefin Tuna Documentation Program – Briefing

    Published: 09/16/09

    Full title: Effectiveness of the Catch Documentation Program for Atlantic Bluefin Tuna and Alternative Measures for Promoting Sustainable and Legal Bluefin Tuna Supplies


  • Risks Associated with Using Methyl Testosterone in Tilapia Farming

    Published: 12/31/08

    The purpose of this white paper is (a) to explain clearly why MT is widely used by the producers of farmed tilapia; and (b) to demonstrate why there are no risks to consumers, and no known risks to producers or the environment, provided the recommended best practices for MT use in aquaculture are followed. These best practices are described, so that tilapia dealers can ensure that their suppliers are taking the necessary steps to protect consumers, fish farm workers, and the environment.