• Trash Fish and Aquaculture Feeds – Retailer Briefing

    Published: 03/11/11

    The origin of fishmeal is a major challenge to the sustainability of aquaculture because the fisheries used for creating feeds may be poorly managed and damaging to the marine environment.  This document accompanies the instructional video created for retailers regarding shrimp feed.


  • Gulf of California Shrimp Fishery Buyer and Importer Procurement Guidance

    Published: 03/04/11

  • Fishery Improvement Projects

    Published: 02/28/11

    A brief overview of FIPs (fishery improvement projects)


  • Fishery Improvement Project Process – Stage and Indicators (Diagram)

    Published: 01/26/11

  • Recovering Bluefin Tuna – Position Statement

    Published: 03/25/10

    A position statement on Mediterranean bluefin tuna


  • FAQ – CITES and Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna

    Published: 03/25/10

    Analysis of what a CITES Appendix I or Appendix II listing would mean to the global seafood industry


  • SFP Recommends Backup Plan for Mediterranean Tuna

    Published: 03/25/10

    SFP position statement on Mediterranean bluefin tuna after failure of CITES 1 listing


  • Eliminating IUU on Mediterranean Bluefin Tuna – Position Statement

    Published: 03/25/10

  • FishSource, Reduction Fisheries and Aquaculture – Briefing

    Published: 03/01/10

    This briefing describes the current scoring for the main reduction fisheries worldwide 


  • Generic Metrics System

    Published: 01/01/10

    By: SFP

    A 2010 report about generic metrics systems.