• SFP Sustainability Overview of Wild Fisheries that Supply Shrimp

    Published: 12/18/13

    By: Portley, N., M. Westmeyer, J.M. Caudillo, Z. Huang, L. Borges, and P. Sousa

    First SFP sustainability overview of fisheries that target and supply shrimp


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  • Bycatch Best Practices 2013

    Published: 12/02/13

    By: Westmeyer, M.

    Presents four case studies to illustrate implementation of bycatch reduction techniques


  • Salmon Sustainability Overview 2013

    Published: 06/17/13

    By: Portley, N., C. Hendrich, and K. Balliet

    First SFP sustainability overview of Pacific salmon fisheries; describes assessment results produced through the application of an adapted, species-specific version of the FishSource sustainability criteria.


    Data Annex

  • SFP Global Sustainability Overview of Pacific Ocean Fisheries that Supply Mahi Mahi

    Published: 06/04/13

    First SFP Pacific Ocean sustainability overview of fisheries that supply mahi mahi (Coryphaena hippurus, also called mahi, dolphinfish, or dorado)


  • Global Sustainability Overview of South American and Atlantic Fish Stocks Used for Fishmeal and Fish Oil 2013

    Published: 05/23/13

    By: Veiga, P., and B. Lee-Harwood

  • A Zone Management Approach for Sustainable Aquaculture

    Published: 02/26/13

    By: Aquaculture Asia Pacific Magazine

    Article about SFP's zonal approach to aquaculture, published with permission from Aquaculture Asia Pacific Magazine


    For more information please visit aquaasiapac.com.

  • Global Sustainability of Whitefish Fisheries 2013

    Published: 02/15/13

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