• Seafood and Social Development Conference Report

    Published: 12/02/15

    By: SFP, Oxfam, and UNDP

    Conference report on engaging the seafood industry in development countries. Report from a conference held in Annapolis, MD, 21-22 September 2015.


  • SFP Report on the Wild Shrimp Sector: Bycatch in Global Shrimp Fisheries

    Published: 08/26/15

    By: Portley, N., M. Westmeyer, and J.M. Caudillo

    An analysis of the problem of bycatch in global wild shrimp fisheries


    Data Annex

  • SFP Reduction Fisheries Sector Report 2015

    Published: 07/25/15

    By: Veiga, P., P. Sousa, B. Lee-Harwood, S. Seguardo, and C.Schmidt

    2015 overview of 24 of the most significant fisheries used for the production of fishmeal and fish oil


  • Best Practices in Tuna Longline Fishing 2015

    Published: 04/02/15

    By: Morgan, A., I. Pollard, and B. Lee-Harwood

    This briefing focuses on ways that longline fisheries can substantially reduce catching non-target species and offers industry guidance on ways to insist that such practices are adopted when sourcing tuna.


  • Whitefish Sustainability Overview 2014

    Published: 01/08/15

    By: Veiga, P., P. Sousa, P. Amorim, K. Balliet, M. Westmeyer, and B. Lee-Harwood

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